Contest – 12 Days of Christmas with Tinsel & Flossie

We need your help!

On December 1st, Tinsel & Flossie will finish their quarantine & our contest begins. They have tons of energy & we never know what kind of mischief they’ll get into. Help us catch them in the act and you could be one our lucky winners!

For contest rules go to our website or click the link in our bio on Instagram/Facebook (Meta).

How the Contest Works –

Click or go to:

Instagram: virgultiorthodontics

Facebook: virgultiorthodontics  

  1. Check in frequently on our Instagram & Facebook (Meta) & watch for 12 special posts!
  2. After the 12th post on December 22nd, email a list of the 12 different things Tinsel & Flossie got into!  

Email: [email protected] and be sure to include your first and last name!

  1. *LAST DAY TO SUBMIT DECEMBER 23rd* – Good Luck!!

On December 28th TWO LUCKY WINNERS will be announced on our Website!