Office Tour

Our Office

Our office is designed for comfort and efficiency. We’ve implemented several high tech systems to create an excellent overall orthodontic experience for you, your family and friends.

You will enjoy a comfortable reception area designed specifically to accommodate families. Our patients and parents say that they get a “peaceful, relaxing feeling” when they enter our office. If the kids are looking for a little more excitement, our “Cave” selfie and video game room is exactly what they’re looking for.

The main treatment area is spacious and open, and for those patients desiring more privacy, we offer private treatment rooms as well. When you arrive and sign in with our hi-tech computer system, we are automatically alerted in the treatment area.

And naturally, we are designed to provide privacy for any business or other sensitive discussions in our business or consultation rooms. We strive every day to provide our patients the finest care possible, and our office facilitates this goal.