“I was more than a little apprehensive [to get my braces]. Soon after I began my visits my fears vanished… All the girls are very friendly and sympathetic… very gentle handling of your appliance when they made adjustments every month… I would have to say that the decision to get braces was one of the best I have ever made and you and your staff are greatly responsible for my feeling this way.” 
– Roberta

“Since getting my braces off two weeks ago, I have been smiling non-stop… I am so grateful to you for all you have done for me. All my life I hated my crooked teeth, the gap in the front and the cross bite. Looking at me today no one would know they existed. When I think back to how afraid I was before making the decision to undergo orthodontic treatment, I feel rather silly.”
– Roe

“Dr. Virgulti, you were very patient and understanding, and thanks to you I now have lots of self-confidence within myself. Being as how I am from the Virgin Islands, I never thought I could find someone here as kind and caring as you and your staff.”
– Debbie

“The period of time I had my braces on was short, and the entire job was done professionally. Thank you!”
–  John

“His progress was right on schedule and his work was completed in the estimated time frame. We are very pleased.”
–  Satisfied Parent

 “Thank you Dr. Virgulti! For the encouragement. You taught me to be happy for myself just the way I am!”
– Rachael