V Bucks Program

You’ll love our V Bucks program! It is a positive-reinforcement reward system that recognizes you for being a great patient and a good citizen.

Our V Bucks program benefits you in the following ways:

  • They work just like real bucks – teaches responsibility.
  • It is a learning experience in making choices about spending.
  • Patient cooperation improves! Better oral hygiene and health, appliance wear, less breakage and on-schedule treatment are typical.
  • Rewards for good grades and community service.
  • Can cash them in a little at a time, or all at once at the end of treatment.

V BUCK Rules

  1. V BUCKS are awarded at regularly scheduled appointments. Walk-in or emergency visits do not apply.
  2. The number of V BUCKS you earn at each appointment is up to you.
  3. The V BUCKS prize board is located in our reception area. The prizes may change from time to time. Not all prizes will always be available.
  4. Your V BUCKS are your responsibility. The V BUCKS dollars are just like real money. Don’t lose them!  If lost, like real money, they are gone.
  5. Once you spend your V BUCKS on a prize they are spent. You can earn more V BUCKS to purchase more prizes.
  6. Once your original estimated treatment time is complete, you will be finished earning V BUCKS, even if your treatment goes longer.